Who takes our courses?

The proliferation of media choices, coupled with intense competition and a difficult economic environment challenge those involved in advertising to find creative media solutions to ever more complex marketing problems. Consequently, enhancing one's marketing and media skills is more important than ever.

For over two decades, Paragon Media’s marketing-driven training programs have sharpened the skills of thousands of professionals from the most junior to top management, coming from a wide variety employment experiences:

  • Companies involved in marketing and advertising looking to train groups of employees: Companies large and small have come to Paragon to develop customized training programs to suit their specific needs.
  • The newly hired: When advertising agencies, media agencies, advertisers, media sales organizations or research companies need to get new employees up-to-speed quickly, Paragon Media can provide the necessary skills faster than on-the-job training could ever accomplish.
  • Anyone needing a quick immersion in traditional media or the ever-changing complexities of online advertising: Offline media and account management pros, the principals of small-to-mid-size ad agencies, brand managers, marketing directors and small business owners all have benefited from our courses. 
  • Media sales representatives:   To be truly successful, media sales reps must understand more than the immediate competition from within their own medium. Ideally, they should have a grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of competitive media forms in order to generate incremental business opportunities. We can do that as well as well as provide a thorough familiarity of the process the person on the other side of the desk goes through in making their media selection decisions.
  • Marketing and media research companies:   Some of the world's most prestigious research firms look to Paragon Media to better understand how those purchasing their reports use the data to make media decisions. This helps them to assess whether there are more effective ways for the data to be utilized or to determine if there are additional products in their portfolio that can help clients achieve their goals more effectively.
  • Anyone looking to make the move from offline to online media:   In recent years, many offline media sales pros as well as media planners and buyers have decided to make the leap into online. We can sharpen their skills by providing the necessary tools to understand how planning and buying decisions are made in the constantly evolving online arena.
  • Digital and offline agencies looking to integrate their media operations:   No longer siloed, offline and online media teams are being challenged to integrate planning, buying and the research tools used to measure audiences and success. We can quickly show offline and online teams how to seamlessly integrate and achieve the client's marketing objectives.
  • Buyers and sellers of digital media: For agency personnel with digital responsibilities who regularly interface with offline colleagues, it may be important to have an understanding of how traditional media is planned and purchased. For digital sellers who see offline as a potential target for revenue generation, it may be essential to understand how traditional media is planned, bought and sold.

Graduates of our programs bring a higher degree of knowledge, sophistication and creativity to the workplace. We are proud that our efforts have aided in the success of thousands of participants and the companies for whom they work. Read what past participants have to say about our training programs.